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Batumi Boulevard 

Tel: +995322907777

Healthy drinks
Live music
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Sea view
Iveria Beach

Iveria Beach offers an array of services and an idyllic setting for an unforgettable all-summer day experience and seaside enjoyment at Batumi Beach.


Breathtaking Seaside Views

This unique beach offers a breathtaking sea view and a stunning panorama that perfectly complements the well-chilled cocktails served alongside comfortable loungers. Indulge in delectable dishes crafted from a selection of environmentally friendly ingredients, and relish beachside drinks in the inviting atmosphere of lounge seating. As the sun sets, the beach transforms into a hub of lively entertainment, featuring both live and electronic music.


Experience Delicious Meals at Iveria Beach

At Iveria Beach, you have the privilege of savouring the finest seafood, expertly crafted into masterpieces of Georgian and international cuisine. Batumi's exceptional locale adds an extra flair to the delectable khachapuri, main courses, and desserts on offer.


Well-Chilled Cocktails by the Chaise Lounge

Beat the heat of summer with refreshing beverages, including a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Let the flavoursome drinks and the captivating seascape combine to offer a truly delightful experience.


Musical Vibes at Iveria Beach

As the day unfolds, Iveria Beach comes to life at 8 am and continues to enthrall until 2 am, from June through mid-September. During this span, visitors can relish in the harmonious melodies that fill the air.


For aficionados of electronic music, the evenings at Iveria Beach promise energetic and enjoyable experiences that are not to be missed.


Plan Your Iveria Beach Getaway

Iveria Beach, the ultimate destination for enjoyment in Atum, eagerly awaits to welcome and elevate your spirits this summer!


To reserve your spot, get in touch with us via our hotline: +995322907777. Keep in mind that Iveria Beach operates from 08:00 to 02:00.


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