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1 Egnate Ninoshvili street, Batumi, Georgia

Radisson Blu Hotel, Medea

Tel: +995322907777


Hot drinks
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Medea Bar

Medea Restaurant and Bar - This is a place where gastronomic pleasure and unforgettable drinks await you!


Enjoy the best flavours of European and Georgian cuisine, along with a wide range of drinks, against the backdrop of beautiful views. Located in the heart of Batumi, our restaurant and bar offer an energetic and pleasant atmosphere.


From Cozy Morning Coffee to Exquisite European Delights at Medea Restaurant

Start your day with a warm cup of aromatic coffee and a buttery croissant, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of our charming cafe. In the afternoon, enter the culinary wonderland of Medea Restaurant, where a symphony of flavours awaits you. Discover the richness of European cuisine and taste the expertly prepared best dishes for you.


Medea Restaurant and Bar | Dishes

For those who want to explore the authentic flavours of Georgian cuisine, our restaurant proudly offers a wide selection of traditional Georgian dishes. Every dish will tell you a story, and you will travel to amazing corners of Georgia and share real culinary pleasure.


Medea Bar's Signature Cocktails and Beverages

At Medea Restaurant and Bar, we believe that Georgian cuisine is better served with Georgian wine and drinks. Taste the wine pressed in the Tsinandali estate, or even the locally brewed beer, Craft drinks and share the peaks of pleasure.


Are you seeking relaxation after a hard, tiring week, or simply in search of a signature cocktail to conclude the evening? Our talented mixologists are prepared to craft innovative cocktail blends tailored to suit every taste.


Plan Your Visit: Medea Bar Contact and Reservations

To reserve your table at Medea Restaurant and Bar in Radisson Blu Batumi, simply visit our website or call our hotline: +995322907777. Spend important days with us to make them unforgettable memories. 


Our professional team is ready to provide you with the best service. We look forward to your visit!


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