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First Republic Square Underground

Noble Savage

Tel: +995322907777


Live music
Noble Savage Club

Club Noble Savage, a safe nightclub in Tbilisi, is an outstanding place for nightlife lovers. Located in the underground passage of the First Republic Square, the world-class club offers indoor and outdoor spaces, two bars, and a distinctive interior.


For all those who want to hold a private event, our team is ready to offer you full service and turn your important day into an unforgettable memory.

Noble Savage's Fusion of Music and Creativity

In the club, you can immerse yourself in the best electronic music from 23:00 to 05:00, surrounded by artistic vibes and creative music. We host captivating events every Friday and Saturday, showcasing renowned world performers. For electronic music enthusiasts, an unforgettable evening filled with creativity awaits at Club Noble Savage.

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To reserve tables in the common space of the club, contact us: +995322907777. Please note that the minimum age limit for Club Noble Savage is 24 years.


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