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First Republic Square, Tbilisi, Georgia

Iveria Cafe

Tel: +995322907777


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Iveria Cafe

Welcome to Iveria Cafe, in the heart of Tbilisi, where you can immerse yourself in city views, delight in our exquisite beverages, and succumb to the temptation of our delectable confections.

Iveria Cafe's Interior Synthesis of Wood and Glass

Nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, Iveria Cafe beckons as an optimal destination for a leisurely lunch or a satisfying cup of coffee. The cafe interior is a testament to the artful fusion of wood and glass, crafting an atmosphere of cozy tranquility that envelops you as you step inside. This unique synthesis of design elements ensures a remarkably inviting and quiet environment within the cafe's confines.


Iveria Cafe's Menu and Prices

Cafe Iveria proudly presents a diverse selection of European cuisine, thoughtfully curated for both lunch and pastry enthusiasts alike. Our cafe menu offers a symphony of flavours that caters to your cravings while ensuring value for money. Don't miss the opportunity to savour our sumptuous creamy ice cream, meticulously crafted to provide a delightful respite, particularly on scorching summer days.


Iveria Cafe | Perfect Delights

For those who hold a passion for exceptional coffee, the enchanting aromas of our caramel cappuccino and the velvety allure of our white chocolate latte promise to captivate your palate. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler seeking the best coffee in Tbilisi, Iveria Cafe is your ultimate destination.


Prepare yourself for an experience that exceeds expectations, with affordable prices and impeccable service that await your arrival. Our welcoming team is dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Alongside our scrumptious coffee offerings, we present a tempting array of freshly crafted sandwiches, elevating your visit to a true gastronomic delight. And don't forget to treat yourself to our creamy ice cream – a delightful escape on even the hottest of days.

Visit Iveria Cafe

Ensuring your cafe visit is hassle-free, securing a table at Cafe Iveria is simple. Just dial our number: +995322907777, or visit the Club Iveria website. Our cafe location at the heart of the city center ensures easy access, making your coffee break or indulgence in delectable confections an effortless endeavor.


Bring along a friend to relish in delightful drinks and the warm ambiance. Whether it's a casual coffee break or a sweet retreat, let our cafe become your haven. With stunning scenic vistas enhancing your experience, and our impeccable service ready to cater to your every need, Cafe Iveria eagerly awaits your visit!


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