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First Republic Square, Tbilisi, Georgia

Radisson Blu Iveria, Filini

Tel: +995322907777

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Before you stands the emblem of Tbilisi's pride, the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, housing within its walls the epitome of Italian cuisine, Filini restaurant. For those who have embarked on a quest for genuine Italian culinary treasures, your journey concludes here. 


  • Filini restaurant offers an ultimate culinary experience, highlighting remarkable gastronomic creations.

  • Explore our selection of both signature and traditional dishes, inviting you to savour the authentic essence of Italy with every mouthful.

  • Crafted by exceptional chefs and using top-tier ingredients, a realm of irresistible delights is prepared to satisfy your refined taste.

Filini restaurant stands as the quintessential culinary retreat where gastronomic marvels take center stage. Our array of signature and traditional dishes invites you to relish the very essence of Italy with each and every bite. Guided by top-tier ingredients and under the watchful eye of our exceptional chefs, a world of delectable delights awaits your discerning palate.

Filini's Special and Traditional Culinary Creations

At Filini, an inviting realm of Italian dishes and traditional flavours unfolds before you. Delight in an array of culinary treasures that encompass the essence of authentic Italian dining. Take pleasure in sampling locally produced natural cheeses that effortlessly harmonize with the tapestry of rich Italian flavours. Savour the perfection of a Florentine bone-in steak, meticulously grilled to its prime, using organic farm meat. Elevate this gastronomic encounter by pairing it with Kvevri wine, ensuring an experience that imprints an indelible mark on your taste buds.

Filini's Selection of Over 50 Wine Varieties

Within the opulent embrace of Filini, a treasure trove of flavours and a splendid Filini wine collection awaits your discerning palate. Embark on a journey through over 50 types of Italian wines that adorn our selection. After your meal, luxuriate with the finest flavored cigar, a fitting crescendo to a memorable dining experience. As the sun-drenched days of summer envelop you, our expansive selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails offers a refreshing respite, expertly designed to quench your thirst and soothe your senses. For wine enthusiasts seeking diverse options, Filini's spectrum of flavours ensures your every desire is satisfied in a symphony of taste.


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Guided by Filini's attentive waitstaff, allow your culinary journey to unfold as they assist in curating the perfect dishes and wines to suit your preferences. As you close your eyes and surrender to your senses, a fleeting moment transports you to an Italian atmosphere, evoking the essence of Tuscany. Imagine gazing upon the idyllic valleys of the Arno River, all while savoring the finest Italian cuisine. Such is the magic that Filini effortlessly weaves into every aspect of your experience.

Filini | Reserve Your Table

To ensure your seamless Filini experience, securing your table reservation is effortlessly accomplished. Reach out to us by dialing our dedicated reservation number: +995322907777, or alternatively, visit the Club Iveria website for swift and convenient booking. Your journey to savor authentic Italian delights amidst a captivating atmosphere is just a call or click away.


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