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Tsinandali Estate, Telavi Region, Kakheti, Georgia

Radisson Collection Tsinandali,

Library Bar

Tel: +995322907777

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Library Bar

Nestled within the enchanting Tsinandali estate, where time appears to stand still and nature imparts its hidden whispers, lies the Library Bar. This exquisite haven graces the heart of the picturesque Kakheti region, inviting you to traverse into a captivating bygone era, where the spirits of eminent poets, thinkers, and artists still reign.


Georgian Wine at Library Bar

The scent of ancient parchment harmoniously entwines with the delicate bouquet of vintage wines, evoking a nostalgia-laden, unforgettable sensation. The best experience you'll receive at the Library Bar will be exploring Georgian winemaking, wine varieties, and wine tasting. The bar itself stands as a masterpiece, akin to modern poets, as sommeliers pour tales into each waiting glass.


Culinary Odyssey at the Library Bar: Indulge in Diverse Menus and Tranquil Ambiance

The Library Bar boasts an array of diverse menus, encompassing both a communal kitchen and a bar. Here, you can revel in the pleasures of Tsinandali wine, cocktails, and international culinary delights, including the renowned "Umami" signature cuisine. Moreover, the library's resplendent ambiance, accompanied by the hum of computers, offers a serene haven for productivity. Guests can unwind in the billiard's corner, savoring both gastronomic joys and a tranquil workspace.


A myriad of meticulously crafted cocktails, thoughtfully paired with globally inspired dishes, awaits your discerning palate. Experience an amalgamation of Georgian, Asian, and European flavors. Don't miss the opportunity to savor the finest wines meticulously pressed in the Tsinandali estates, all while relishing the surrounding scenery.


For those seeking to embrace the essence of Georgian heritage, our menu rises to the occasion. With options that cater to vegetarians and vegans, there's something to delight every discerning taste. And of course, no culinary odyssey would be complete without a sumptuous array of desserts, presenting a veritable paradise for those with a sweet tooth.


As the dulcet strains of classical melodies caress the spirit, time adopts a poetic cadence within the Library Bar Tsinandali. Secure your table today and partake in the very essence of Georgian culture.


Getting Here: Directions to Library Bar

Follow these simple directions to uncover the oasis of elegance that awaits:

  • Starting Point: Begin your journey whether you're arriving from the nearby city or another enchanting corner of the region, set your course toward the Kakheti region.

  • Enchanted Roads: As you traverse the roads leading to the Tsinandali estate, let the scenic landscapes of Kakheti accompany your way. The lush vineyards and rolling hills will serve as your guideposts.

  • Arrival at Tsinandali: Upon reaching the Tsinandali estate, be prepared to be captivated by the beauty that surrounds you. Follow the signs that guide you toward the heart of the estate.

  • Library Bar Oasis: The Library Bar awaits you, nestled amidst the estate's charm. Follow the signs that lead you to this haven of luxury and culture.

  • A World Apart: Stepping into the Library Bar is like stepping into a different world – a world where history and modernity intertwine seamlessly. Allow the atmosphere to envelop you as you enter this realm of tranquility.


Reserve Now or Call Us for Bookings 

Make a reservation with our website or call us at +995322907777 for bar contact, table availability, and booking.


Secure your table today, and let the Library Bar become your gateway to a world where history, luxury, and flavors intertwine in harmonious delight.


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