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Tsinandali Estate, Telavi Region, Kakheti, Georgia

Park Hotel, Pino

Tel: +995322907777

Healthy drinks
Live music
Georgian cuisine
Hot drinks

Pino in Park Hotel Tsinandali invites guests to savour both alcoholic and health-conscious cocktails, complemented by delectable light meals, all while enjoying a swim and relaxation in the pool. The terrace bar offers a mesmerising panoramic view of Tsinandali and the majestic Caucasus, elevating the emotional rejuvenation of every visitor to a state of perfection. It caters to both seekers of relaxation and enthusiasts of culinary delights.


Wine & Cocktails at Pino

Diverse tastes find a home at Pino, where a multifaceted menu awaits. From revitalizing alcoholic cocktails to modern interpretations of traditional dishes, the terrace bar presents an array of delightful light meals. The cocktail menu also includes health-conscious options, ensuring enjoyment at any time of the day.


The essence of the terrace bar experience lies in the seamless fusion of relaxation and pleasure. As guests cool off in the pool or unwind, they can savour their preferred beverages and relish the flavours of the light meals. The terrace-bar configuration provides an escape that seamlessly combines unwinding with the creation of cherished memories.


Pino | Culinary Offerings

Every dish crafted within the restaurant is a culinary masterpiece, embodying a profound comprehension of Georgian gastronomic heritage blended with contemporary elements. The synthesis of tradition and innovation yields a delightful medley of flavours, offering novel culinary encounters.


Exploring Park Hotel Tsinandali Manor's Cellar and Time-Honoured Wines

Elevating this epicurean journey, guests of Park Hotel Tsinandali Manor are privileged to sample the remarkable wines from the cellar. Georgia's rich winemaking tradition, steeped in history, presents an assortment of wines passed down through generations. Paired with sumptuous dishes, these wines heighten the dining experience one sip at a time.


A Harmonious Culinary Encounter with the Caucasus Views

The restaurant's terrace unveils captivating vistas of the Caucasus. As guests relish their meals and wines, the symphony of nature's beauty harmonises with the culinary arts, resulting in a truly harmonious symphony of pleasure and repose.


In conclusion, the terrace bar and restaurant ensure an unforgettable encounter, where emotional rejuvenation and culinary gratification seamlessly converge. Whether in search of relaxation, a gastronomic escapade, or a romantic retreat, the Pino restaurant at Tsinandali Manor stands as the quintessential haven to etch indelible memories.


Pino | Reservations and Contact Information

Whether you're seeking an enchanting evening or a leisurely lunch, reserving your spot at Pino is just a few clicks away. Visit our website to make a reservation or give us a call at +995322907777 for real-time updates on table availability and seamless booking.


Secure your table today at Pino and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


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